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Our Water Softeners are built just for you and can be made any size to meet your needs, including commercial and industrial size. We size your unit based on the Water Hardness and how many people are in the house – or how many gallons you actually use per day. Our softeners are made with THE BEST Control Valves in the industry, famous for reliability and being easy to service if needed. The metered Control Valve counts how many actual gallons of water you consume and then “backwashes” itself clean only when actually needed to conserve water. We typically size the unit so this is every 3 days.

Check out our great pricing PLUS you can also get Expert Installation plus System Startup plus Free Delivery for only $350 (typical charge, price may vary).

Water Softeners should have a 4.5×20” Filter Housing on the In Port with a Jumbo size Carbon Block to protect the softening resin from Chlorine and to protect the Control Valve from particles.
Softening resin typically lasts about 5-7 years if you protect it from chlorine by placing activated carbon before the softener.

***NOTE: All softener owners should put an RO System at the kitchen sink for your drinking and cooking water, as this is the norm for softener owners, due to the softener adding some sodium to the water. The RO System will remove 98% of the sodium and give you delicious highly purified water which supports your family’s health (and peace of mind) and makes beautiful clear ice cubes as well.

***We can add a Whole House Carbon Unit to this system. Carbon lasts for about 1.5-2 million gals.
*** We can add a UV Disinfection Unit to this system for virus, bacteria and parasite protection.

We also provide affordable installation service in the Houston area if needed.
We also do maintenance service and repairs any system, regardless of where you bought it.

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