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UnderSink Carbon Filters

We specialize in Custom Made UnderSink Carbon Filters for any and all applications. Our custom units have been used in mining camps, military operations, third world countries, embassies, homes, schools, churches, emergency survival, drinking fountains, river water, etc.  These systems hold all types of standard and specialty Filter Cartridges in the 2.5” and 4.5” diameter and may contain a stainless UV Disinfection System as well.

Typically containing 1-3 filter housings, these systems can also contain up to 6 housings or “Stages”.

These systems typically run to a private RO Faucet OR can also be hooked up to the kitchen faucet.

Unlike RO Systems, these systems will operate at very low water pressures and are more robust because they are a simpler design and have have no fussy RO Membrane to clog.  They also leave ALL the minerals in the water. These are best used for Chlorine, Chloramines, Organic Compounds, Sediments, Particulates, and Virus, Bacteria, and Parasites.  Inorganic Chemicals, any Salts, and Toxic Metals should be removed with Reverse Osmosis.

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