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Our Custom Made Proline Plus RO Systems are actually custom made a certain way for us using the most premium carbon blocks on the market in order to remove Chloramines and MORE Organic Contaminants. We are a health-based company as well, (Janerotech Inc has a Human Health Division. See Janerotech.com) so your health and well being is a primaryconcern of ours. Many of our customers are doctors, medical patients, or else very informed health conscious people, and many people are referred to us for the very best in contaminant removal for health optimization purposes.

This is a serious premium quality Made in Houston RO System, and we do get a lot of compliments on the overall quality of the unit and also the delicious clean water. It’s nice to have such a wonderful technology made right in your back yard instead of coming off a high speed production line (high speed = higher errors) from who knows where on the other side of the planet.

These units are actually hand made one at a time (with a lot of pride) and then tested extensively for proper performance and leakage before going into the box. Each unit has a serial number and a record of the day it was born. It’s birth certificate is on the back of each unit.

All 3 of our pre-filter cartridges are completely different than “the norm”. These will more effectively remove sediments, organic compounds, VOC Contaminants (petroleum), Organic Contaminants, Chlorine, Chloramines and bad taste. These are replaced once a year for only $65. That’s only $5.42 per month! The RO Membrane has a Rejection Rate of 98%, and this is what removes toxic metals (lead, arsenic, mercury, radiation, etc) and toxic salts (fluoride, cyanide salts, high sodium, high chloride, etc). The Membrane is replaced about every 3 years for only $55. That’s only $1.53 per month (for all the water you want)! How much are you spending on bottled water – at home and on the run? This unit pays for itself>.
PLUS with our Peak Volts Alkaline Electrolytes you can even make your own powerful electrolyte water for pennies on the gallon. A must have for health professionals, athletes, and for people with acidic body pH.

***We can add a UV Disinfection Unit to your system to protect against virus, bacteria, and parasites.
***We can add a Calcium/Magnesium Remineralizer to your system to add nutritious alkaline minerals to the purified water.

We also provide affordable installation service in the Houston area if needed.

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