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The Millenium Lead Buster was designed for Fracking Water and other nasty drinking waters where purity is a major concern. Made in Houston, this unit also contains a built-in pressure booster pump to maximize the performance of the special 99% HIGH REJECTION Membrane.
A normal premium-grade membrane has a Rejection Rate of 98%. So this particular membrane leaves HALF as much contaminants in the water. Purifying water at higher pressure results in a higher rejection of contaminants as well as a higher efficiency (less waste water). The pump also guarantees Maximum Performance at any pressure level your house may have. That way everyone gets the same performance with no disappointments. Replacement cost on the RO Membrane is only $60.

This RO System is also loaded with 3 very unique pre-filters to remove MORE Organic Contaminants and VOCs than the standard cartridges used on all RO systems. Annual Replacement cost on the cartridges is only $73. Let us know if you have Hydrogen Sulfide or Iron issues.

***We can add a UV Disinfection Unit to your system to protect against virus, bacteria, and parasites.
***We can add a Calcium/Magnesium Remineralizer to your system to add nutritious alkaline minerals to the purified water.
***We can make this without the Booster Pump for only $355.

We also provide installation service in the Houston area if needed.

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