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RO Membranes are what removes the Inorganic spectrum of chemicals from water.  This is anything from salt, metal salts, nitrates, fluoride, minerals, metals, heavy metals, chlorides, sulfates, sodium, radioactive materials, large organic molecules, pharmaceuticals, PCBs, and asbestos.  (Carbon removes the Organic spectrum of chemicals, so they are always used together.)   We carry all types and sizes of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial size RO Membranes. Sold individually or by the pallet, we can special order for you as well. Here are a few examples of the more common reverse osmosis membranes:  

Residential RO Membranes:  50 GPD, 75 GPD, 100 GPD, 150 GPD, Filmtec


Commercial XLE RO Membranes (100 PSI): XLE-2521, XLE-2540, XLE-4021, XLE-4040 Filmtec

   Commercial LE Brackish Water Membranes (150 PSI): LE-4040 (Low Energy), Filmtec Commercial Brackish Water Membranes (225 PSI): BW30-2540, BW30-4040, Filmtec   Commercial RO Membranes (225 PSI): TW30-2026, TW30-2514, TW30-2521, TW30-2540, TW30-4014, TW30-4021, TW30-4040, Filmtec   Commercial Money Saver Low Pressure Membranes (Great Prices) (150 PSI): ULP21-2521, ULP21-2540, ULP21-4021, ULP31-4040,  ULP11-4040, ULP21-4040

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