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RO Commercial – Whole House

The LCRO HD RO Systems are great as a Whole House RO System or for commercial beverage applications, coffe shops, gas stations, and many other commercial needs such as filling spot-free rinse tanks for mobile car wash services. The HD-500 makes 500-600 Gals. per day (20-22 Gals/Hour) and the HD-900 makes 900 Gals. Per day (37 Gals/Hour). For a house these are often placed in the garage, yet this is small enough to go behind a bar.

Here’s what makes these so darn special: It’s very compact, VERY quiet, very reliable, and it’s so SIMPLE it’s priceless. “Less parts = less things to fail” is a famous principle known by all engineers. This was engineered to be all of the above and we love it, and so do our customers.

The other thing people love about this is the price. Very affordable, yet excellent quality, and made at home.

For Whole House RO we would run the purified water into a polyethylene storage tank usually between 300-1,000 gals. We add a $99 float switch to turn the machine off when the tank is full. Then we add a Smart Pump (of any size) to send pressurized water throughout your house on demand. (The smart pump factory is in Houston also! Yay!)

When placed behind a bar, some people (with high-demand) will run the purified water into a small pressure bladder tank of any size that fits the job. No further add-ons are required as this unit has a built-in high and low pressure switch so it will turn on and off automatically when you open a faucet. The bladder tank is NOT required. Purified Water Output is 3/8” tubing. Very long runs to the faucet will decrease the pressure so you may request a very small Distribution Pump if you feel you want more pressure.

***We can add a UV Disinfection Unit to your system to protect against virus, bacteria, and parasites.
***We can add a Calcium/Magnesium Remineralizer to your system to add nutritious alkaline minerals to the purified water. Fine Coffee Shops – we can make this ADJUSTABLE so you can control the amount of minerals.

We also provide installation service in the Houston area if needed.

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