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We are the Leader in adding healthy alkaline minerals into carbon purified water, RO Water, Distilled Water, and Alkaline “9.5 Water”.  This is done to:

Neutralize acidity – RO Water is sometimes acidic due to dissolved carbon dioxide gas. The RO Membrane will typically lower the pH of water by 1 full unit, so a pH 7 becomes a pH 6, which is actually 10x more acidic than pH 7.
Increase Nutritional Value– water full of calcium, magnesium and other nutritional electrolytes is MUCH healthier than 100% Pure water (empty water) that contains no minerals or insignificant quantities of minerals. People say they feel better.  In fact hikers are found dead in Death Valley, CA from drinking 100% Pure water that has no minerals in it.  They are found with a backpack full of bottled water.  It’s called Hyponatrimia (lack of salts), not dehydration.  Muscles and Nerve channels need electrolytes to send electrical signals.
Increase Electroconductivity. Alkaline Water Ionizers need the water to conduct electricity in order for them to work.  This is easily meased with a $35. digital TDS Tester.  An optimum level is around 230 ppm.  “Low TDS” RO Water gives poor results without added minerals.


We have FOUR methods to add minerals to your purified water:

Calcium/Magnesium Filter Cartridge installed onto the purified water line before it comes out the faucet. Two different varieties.
Peak Volts Alkaline Electrolytes. This is a bottle of white powder.  Add a pinch to your glass of water or a cap-full to your gallon jug.  This will supercharge your water with life supporting electrolytes such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, chloride, trace ocean minerals, and much more….This is like Gatorade on steroids, but without the sugar!!!
Bulk Media Tank loaded with cubic feet of Calcite and Magnesia Minerals installed on the RO Water Line before it dumps into a holding tank.
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