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Nasty water?  Problem solved.  Here are a few examples of the most common “problem waters”:   Acid Water: Typically caused by natural dissolved Carbonic Acid or else industrial and mining contamination, such as phosphate mining.  Easy to fix with Calcite and Magnesia minerals.   Iron Water: Caused by Ferric Iron (rust particles) and Ferrous Iron (clear dissolved iron, but later leaves red, brown, orange stains when oxidized by air).  Ferric Iron is easily removed by a 5 micron sediment filter, and Ferrous Iron is removed with our Iron and Sulfide Buster Oxidation Unit.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Water: (Rotten Egg smell) – H2S is poisonous,flammable, and disagreeable.  It often accompanies Iron Water.  This is is removed with our Iron and Sulfide Buster Oxidation Unit.

Manganese: Manganese is toxic and leaves black stains on white porcelain.  This is is removed with our Iron and Sulfide Buster Oxidation Unit.


Brackish Water – High TDS: This is water that is loaded with salt, chloride, and dissolved minerals.  Only Reverse Osmosis with BW membranes will clean up this water.

Fracking Water: Fracking Water from oil drilling (Hydraulic Fracturing of rock) is a complex mixture and can contain: industrial chemicals, acids, methanol, organic compounds, boron salts, glycol, acrylamide, metals, Hydrogen Sulfide gas, Iron, petroleum, and naturally occuring radioactive materials.  Treatment methods will vary…  Read Article

Radioactive Water: This is caused by 1) Contaminated nuclear material sites, 2) Leaking nuclear waste disposal sites, 3) exploded Depleted Uranium (DU) artillery shells 4) natural radon gas, 5) natural radioactive mineral deposits.  Treatment methods will vary…

Microbiologically Unsafe Water: This is water contaminated with bacteria, virus, cysts, or parasites. These can be naturally occurring in nature, including Rain Water,  or due to sewage contamination.  Treatment options include UV Disinfection, Chlorine or Oxygen Disinfection, and special Filter Cartridges.

Empty Water – Dead Water:  This is super purified water such as Distilled Water or DI Water that barely supports life because it contains no electrolytes or minerals to nourish cells and conduct electricity in nerve channels.  Super pure water is great, especially in contaminated areas, but we have various methods of putting lots of vitality and nutrition back into this water.  See our Peak Volts (Alkaline Electrolytes).

Sea Water:  Sea Water is loaded with salt and requires a Seawater Desalination Unit that operates at very high pressure.  RO will not work for this.

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