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We carry many different types of Bulk Filtration Medias for all types of water treatment applications.  Bulk media is sold by the single bag or pallet load quantities.  We can do special orders as well.  Here are a few examples of what medias we carry:

Ion Exchange Resins: Cationic Resin 8% (Regular Water Softening Resin), Cationic Resin 10% (Extra Capacity Water Softening Resin), Anionic Resin, Nitrate Removal Resin,

DI Resins:  DI Resin, Nuclear Grade DI Resin, Mixed Bed DI Resin,

Activated Carbons: GAC Carbon, GAC Coconut Shell Carbon, GAC Catalytic Carbon for Chloramines and VOCs,

Zeolite Media (for sediment removal): Filter AG Media,  Zeolite Media

Acid Neutralization Minerals: Calcite, Magnesia, Corosex,  (food grade minerals for consumption)

Oxidation Media: Pyrolox (Manganese Dioxide), BIRM,  Manganese Greensand,

Hydrogen Sulfide Media:  KDF-55, Pyrolox,  BTM Media

Chlorine Neutralizer: KDF-85

Miscellaneous:  Gravel, Anthracite, Phosphate Media, Scale Protection Media, Arsenic Reduction Media

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