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Emergency Survival & SeaWater

“Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!” – Famous Last Words

Hurricanes and Floods are everywhere and sometimes they can cut you off from your usual source of safe drinking water.   Ocean Sea Water surrounds every country and every island except you can’t drink it due to the 3.5% salt content.  Both waters also contain Virus and Bacteria and other problems.

This dual-function system is an Emergency Water Distiller that uses heat but NOT electricity to purify both of these types of water so you can drink it.

As a Distiller this produces between 2-3 Quarts of water per hour (12-17 Gals/Day).  Use this for the nastiest of waters and waters from unknown sources.  Removes 100% of ALL Toxic Metals, ALL Radiation, ALL Parasites, Virus, and Bacteria, and ALL salts including Cyanides.  Great for muddy water, ocean water, algae water, mining contamination, and nuclear fallout.  See our Rocket Stove for efficient heat source.

When run as a simple Gravity Water Purifier which does not use any heat, it produces ½ Gallon Per Hour (10-12 Gals/Day) using silver impregnated ceramic filters.  Use this for cleaner safer waters from known sources such as clear tap water or clear swimming pool water.  This is mostly for microorganisms.


Our High Efficiency Rocket Stove uses [easy to acquire] sticks, twigs, branches, palm husks, driftwood, and other combustible debris (<1.5” diameter is best) to efficiently boil the water without requiring (or wasting) charcoal, propane, electricity or firewood.  It’s also excellent for cooking hot meals and heating water (without wasting valuable energy resources) and holds any size pot or pan.  Cooking temperature is controlled by simply increasing or decreasing the amount of fuel used. A hot meal and a hot bath are great morale boosters for a miserable family suffering through a storm outage!

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