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CounterTop Filters

We specialize in Custom Made CounterTop Water Filters. These units are portable and use 1-3  2.5”x10” filter housings and easily screw onto the kitchen faucet in 10 seconds using a Diverter Valve and 3 feet of soft tubing.   These hold 1-3 Cartridges and can also be built with small UV Lamps inside.

We also specially make them without the Diverter Valve using 3/8” Stainless Hose Barbs for installing onto the 3/8” Feed Line of Alkaline Water Ionizers. Sometimes this is to add electrolytes.

Filter Cartridges are sold separately and we can help you select the right ones based on your needs.  We have Cartridges that reduce pollutants, chemicals, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, and all classes of microorganisms.  We also make cartridges that add Calcium and Magnesium to water.

Great for apartments and travelers.

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