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We carry the finest Residential Control Valves and Commercial Control Valves in the industry including Clack Valves, Fleck Valves, and Autotrol. 

We also carry and can order all PARTS for these valves when you give us the part #.

Control Valves come as either METERED (counts the gallons to initiate backwash cycle) such as is used on water softeners, or TIMERED (you tell it how many days to wait before backwash cycle) such as is used for GAC Carbon Systems.  Control Valves screw onto the media tank and control Backwashing Media Systems by periodically sending the unit into backwashing mode so the system can clean and regenerate itself.  These systems require a nearby drain for the rinse water.

We also provide SERVICE and REPAIR of these valves in the Greater Houston Area, as well as On-site Programming and Startup.

Clack Valves: WS1, WS1.25, WS1EE, WS1.5, WS2, WS3

Pentair / Fleck Valves: 5600SXT, 5800, 5810, 5812, 9000, 9100, 9500, 2510, 2750, 2850, 2850S, 2900, 2900S, 3900,

Autotrol Valves: 255 Logix, 253 Logix, Performa 268, Performa 263,

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