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Chemicals and Injection

We stock and can special order all sorts of Water Treatment Chemicals including Potassium Permanganate, Pot Perm, Rust Out, ResCare, Sani-System, Res Care FEEDER units, etc.

We also carry a full line of RO Membrane Antiscalants such as Axeon S-100, Axeon S-200, and all of the Avista line such as Vitec 1000, Vitec 2000, Vitec 3000 and Vitec 4000.

Antiscalant Concentrates are mixed with RO Water in a small solution tank and then injected at VERY low dose (1-5 ppm) with a small chemical injection pump into the Feed Water Line just before it enters the RO Intake. This often REPLACES (eliminates) a water softener but more importantly antiscalants, when used properly, protect the RO Membrane from clogging.

The most common things that will clog an RO membrane are: High Hardness, [Hardness+Alkaline pH], all types of Iron, Manganese, Silica, [Barium+Sulfate], [Strontium+Sulfate], etc.

We can also special order Membrane Cleaning Solutions and Biofouling Agents or anything you do not see listed here. For serious applications send us a detailed Laboratory Water Analysis.

Our Chemical Injection Systems are a Solution Tank with a Stenner Pump or other brand of Injection Pump.  These are used for Antiscalants and also for Chlorine Disinfection of well water.

For Chlorine Disinfection (can also use Hydrogen Peroxide) you use the same setup, but you should put a properly sized fiberglass Contact Tank immediately following the chlorine injection in order to allow the chlorine bleach solution to mix into the water and to give the chlorine a proper amount of “contact time” to do it’s disinfecting.  Inserting an inexpensive Static Mixer after the Injector makes it work even better by creating turbulence in the flow.  All chlorine and Byproducts of Chlorination should be completely removed before drinking the water using a sufficient amount of activated carbon.  Failure to do so is bad for your health.  The chlorine bleach solution is made using common liquid laundry bleach.  Hydrogen Peroxide is much better for your health but is much more expensive and needs to be self-ordered, we do not carry it.

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