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A Backwashing Carbon Unit usually holds 1-4 CF (cubic feet) of GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) and cleans itself out every 1-7 days (you decide) by flush trapped particles down the drain at night.  Under-sizing a  carbon unit is a common mistake, usually to lower cost, but performance will suffer greatly.  We will calculate the best size unit for your situation and needs.  We use Clack and Fleck Control Valves.

Standard GAC is what most companies use and it removes Chlorine, Taste, Odor, and trace Organic Compounds from water, when properly sized.

We use the higher performing Catalytic GAC because it also removes VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) and is the ONLY thing that removes the Chloramine disinfectant that is used in the Greater Houston Area.  Catalytic Carbon works better and removes the really nasty stuff better.

Catalytic GAC costs a little more but delivers superior performance for VOC chemicals, Chloramines, and Organic Compounds such as pesticides, herbicides, BPA, and pharmaceuticals.

In fact the US EPA requires the use of Catalytic carbon in the remediation of VOC contaminated ground water at certain petroleum refinery towns such as Whiting, IN for example. See Organic Compounds Discussion.

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