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Alkaline Water Ionizers use electricity to modify water so that it is broken down into Hexagonal Microclusters that enter cells and provide superior hydration and improved cellular waste removal.

This also provides fantastic support to the Lymphatic System in assisting with waste removal. This is a must have for allergies, mucus, and general detoxification.

The microclustered water is also very alkaline, with a pH of about 9.5 (7 is neutral).  This helps to alkalize the body.

This alkaline water is also full of Hydrogen nano-bubbles, which behaves as a powerful and safe ANTIOXIDANT (like Vitamin C) and neutralizes free radicals in the body.  Free radicals are involved with inflammation, allergies, aging, and disease.  People drink this water for health benefits, which are well documented in various scientific journals, as well as from personal experiences from friends and relatives.  We would no be selling this to our customers if it did not work!

It is highly recommended that you purify your water before sending it into one of these units.  RO water requires re-mineralization.  We specialize in this.

We also manufacture PEAK VOLTS (Alkaline Electrolytes) for purified drinking water. Add a pinch to your drinking water and you will have a super-charged Alkaline Mineral Water that will put all the famous “electrolyte sports beverages” to shame. Only $25 per bottle.

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