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Water Treatment Products SALES * SERVICE * INSTALLATIONS * REPAIRS PureWaterHouston.com is the website of Janerotech Inc. – “The Science of Clean Water”

Janerotech is not just another water treatment company. We are a scientific company with a lengthy background in Water Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Pollution, and Human Health and Disease. Visit Janerotech.com We take your water purity very seriously for the health and wellness of your family or the needs of your business. We have designed successful systems for difficult situations and natural healing clinics all over the world.

We service the Greater Houston Area, Harris County, Montgomery County, Waller County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Liberty County, and Brazoria County.


Our Water Softeners are built just for you and can be made any size to meet your needs, including commercial and industrial size. We size your unit based on the Water Hardness and how many people are in the house – or how many gallons you actually use per day. Our softeners are made with THE BEST Control Valves in the industry, Clack and Fleck, and are famous for reliability and being easy to service if needed....


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Residential RO System

RESIDENTIAL RO SYSTEM – Our Custom Made Proline RO Systems are actually custom made a certain way for us using the most premium carbon blocks on the market in order to remove Chloramines and MORE Organic Contaminants. Removes fluoride and toxic metals as well. This is a premium quality Made in Houston RO System, and we do get a lot of compliments on the overall quality of the unit and also the delicious clean water.


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Small Commercial Ro System

SMALL COMMERCIAL RO SYSTEMS – LCRO-HD RO Systems are great as a Whole House RO System or for commercial beverage applications, coffe shops, gas stations, and many other commercial needs such as filling spot-free rinse tanks for mobile car wash services. The HD-500 makes 500-600 Gals. per day (20-22 Gals/Hour) and the HD-900 makes 900 Gals. Per day (37 Gals/Hour). For a house these are often placed in the garage, yet this is small enough to go behind a bar.

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